Jessica Entirely

Chapter 6 Excerpt with Illustration

Life really does get in the way sometimes! School has been busy for both Jess Cee and me, but we’re entering a slightly slower couple of weeks. Hopefully I can bring you several more excerpts before I get distracted again.

I actually really love this chapter and the illustration that goes with it is breathtaking! It really does the gorgeous Masonic Temple in New Bern justice. Have a look and a read in yet another peek into Jessica’s fantastic adventure:

“Maybe he was a Mason.” Katie said it quietly, as if she didn’t want anyone to hear her. She looked up at the tall Lodge next to the theater. “Do you think they’re ever in there anymore?”

Jessica knew what her friend meant. The lodge—which she’d heard some people refer to as a “temple”—was the source of much speculation and many stories among the theater kids. Ghost stories abounded about the building, including the theater, and the mysterious rites the Masons had once performed in the very theater they now performed their musicals in just fueled the rumors.

Though much of the building was now empty, Jessica knew the lodge room above the theater was still used. It was strictly off limits, of course, but it hadn’t been abandoned.

Before Jessica could answer her friend, however, a little red Volkswagen pulled into the parking lot and Miss Roberson got out. She smiled at them. “Good morning, girls. You’re all here bright and early.”

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