Jessica Entirely

Jessica is officially a series!

Just in time for Christmas, the second book of the Jessica series is ready to be published! Jessica Naturally is just days away from publication.

If this seems sudden, it probably is. The world of self-publishing works much differently from traditional publishing. In the world of traditional publishing, you have a release date in mind months ahead of time. Self-publishers like me might have a vague idea of when the book will be released, but not know the actual date until it’s right on them! So many things have to fall into place from so many directions, and suddenly all the pieces are together.

So now I can announce, Jessica goes on her next adventure on December 9, and it’s a fun mystery that requires a bit of science and history to solve!

Eight-year-old Jessica has just survived her first hurricane. As she and her family work to help friends and neighbors recover from the lasting effects of the storm, Jessica makes a mysterious discovery in the gardens of Tryon Palace. Black tulips begin to bloom. They’re out of season, and many believe they’re a bad omen. Can Jessica solve the mystery of the black tulips in time to save Tryon Palace’s annual Candlelight Tour?


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