Jessica Entirely

News from the Jessica Entirely team!

I’ve been hard at work on the book, and my illustrator, Jess Cee, has been hard at work on the illustrations, so we haven’t been keeping up on the blog recently. But I just had to share Jess Cee’s first illustrations for Jessica Entirely.

First, she sent me the illustration for the book cover a little while ago, so I whipped up a sort of preview for the cover and here that is:

Parts of this may change, but the illustration itself should stay the same. It’s perfect for the mysterious theater setting of the book, so well done Jess Cee!

Jess Cee also provided me with the first illustration for the book, so I’m going to pair it up with an itty bitty excerpt from the first chapter. Maybe it’ll give you an idea what we’re doing.

For a while, the teenagers milled around in the lobby, but eventually Martina and Jeff herded them into the house—theater speak for auditorium—leaving Jessica alone in the lobby. Just the way she liked it.

Until the front door scraped quietly open.

Jessica looked up from her math book when she felt the little whoosh of cool air from the autumn afternoon. At first she thought it might be a teenager arriving late. But the shoes didn’t look like a teenager’s shoes. Expensive, brown leather, and pretty big. The shoes came into the lobby and paused, then went behind the counter into the box office. Jessica frowned. Nobody was allowed behind the counter except board members. And board members weren’t usually here during the day. Board members came to meetings in the evenings or attended the yearly fundraising events.

Maybe she should check it out.

Jessica Entirely

What is Jessica Entirely?

Jessica Leigh is a Hollywood-bound actress—sure she’s only eight years old and she lives in the tiny historic city of New Bern, N.C. But Jessica’s been taking voice lessons since she was six, and she’s sure it’s her turn to get a lead in the kids’ musical at the local theater. If only other people would stop messing up her plans.

First Miss Roberson, the new director, doesn’t think she’s old enough for the role she wants, so she makes Jessica a co-director instead. Then her school friend gets the lead in the play, but her theater friend just gets a small part in the ensemble. To top it all off, mysterious things are happening in the old theater, and Jessica has to figure it out before her theater family gets hurt.

It’s going to take everything she’s got to get through this musical with her friendships intact, but Jessica is sure she can do it. Entirely.